About Kelley's Tree Service

We provide different kinds of tree service packages, including:

Tree Removal ServiceTree Removal. There are times when your trees fall off as a result of natural disasters or very strong gusts of wind. There are also instances where it’s time to cut them off in order for you to utilize more yard and garden space. We provide efficient removal services to clear out your trees at the soonest possible time. Included in this tree service solution is a careful surveying of the trees you want removed; from there we would know how you want them to be moved out of your yard.

Tree Planting ServiceTree Planting. We like to encourage people plant new trees whenever possible so we offer this service as well. Planting of trees as well as some bushes is also provided by our professionals

Land Clearing ContractorLand Clearing. If you are in need of clearing a wooded lot to build any structure or just add open space to your property, we can come and clear the designated area of all trees so that your contractor can come right in and start the process of building hassle free of trees.

Tree Pruning ServicePruning. Another popular tree service that we provide is pruning. Pruning is more like trimming the branches of your trees that are already getting in the way of your home space. Trimming is very important because it not only keeps your tree in its best form; it also gives more room to develop new and fresh leaves and branches which in turn can lengthen the life of your tree.

Stump Grinding ServiceStump grinding. Are you finding it difficult to clear your lawn because of the annoying tree stumps? Then you may want to check out our stump grinding service. We make use of highly sophisticated machines that are effective in stump removal. Stump grinding is very important especially when you are planning to add new fixtures in your garden space, decks, pour a foundation or install a fountain or gazebo.

Firewood and Campfire Wood for saleFirewood/Campfire Wood. We have seasoned firewood for the winter and campfire wood for those of you that like to camp. We occasionally have unseasoned wood at lower prices. Delivery of wood is provided.

Gutter Cleaning ServiceGutter Cleaning. Do you have trees growing out of your gutters? Are they stuffed with leaves that fell in the fall? Call Kelley’s Tree Service and we will clean your gutters to help them drain in the winter to prevent damage from ice buildup in the winter that can cause possible damage and/or replacement.

Gutter Cleaning ServiceUtility Line Clearance. We can trim around the phone, cable lines etc. to prevent future service interruptions or damage to the lines. Damage to the lines can also cause the lines to rip away from your house which can cause other damage to siding or other parts of the house. We have employees that are line certified to work around your utility lines.

Gutter Cleaning ServiceStorm Damage. We provide clean up or clearance of damaged trees and or tree limbs due to ice and wind storms. Along with our 24 hour emergency service to evaluate and access storm damage any time you need our services.

Free Estimates. We offer free estimates all year round. So don’t wait! Call Kelley’s Tree Service today!

Fully Insured. We are fully insured. Insurance can be faxed, mailed or emailed at your request.

Commercial or Residential. Not only do we do residential work but we also specialize in commercial tree ermovla. Thus or motto…"No job is too big or too small"

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